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Parking solution

It is noticed by many citizens of our tourist town, that the prices of parking tickets and fees are too high. I strongly believe that the town of Aspen should abolish the high costs of parking fees and tickets!

People in this town work their share to keep our city thriving. After putting in a hard day of labor, locals want to go shopping or do daily errands. Instead, they worry about paying for every second of parking so that they don’t have to get a ticket. Although there is a limited amount of parking in the downtown area, which created this pay-system in the first place, many locals won’t even come to Aspen anymore because they’re worried about getting a high cost ticket. Because consumers do not want to pay high parking fees, businesses are losing revenue. This then affects the locals who live and work here.

Even though the money from parking fees and tickets is used for alternative transportation, or buses, many working locals need to drive their own car to town for personal and business situations. I can understand why we need to pay for some of the parking to pay off taxes or maintenance for our town. If the city could give an hour to each person, however, they would be able to run an errand while their car is parked. Please consider this solution.

Hannah Gilmore

seventh grade student

Old Snowmass

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