Parking mistake rip-off |

Parking mistake rip-off

Dear Editor:

On Monday, we left for a beautiful day shopping and enjoying Aspen. It was ruined by an innocent mistake on my part.

We watched for open parking on our way to Annie’s for lunch. No street parking was available, but there was a lot one block south of Annie’s. Signs said “private,” and there was a ticket meter next to the curb. The lot had numbered spaces. We parked in No. 10, paid $2, put the ticket on the dash at 12:19 p.m. and proceeded to lunch. I forgot my glasses and returned to the car at 12:30, and found my car booted and a cost of $100 to free it.

If the owner’s sign said “Reserved or Permit Only” I would not have made the mistake. I knew it was not public parking but thought it was paid-private with the parking meter at the entrance.

It would represent Aspen much better if the owner would change to unmistakable verbiage and the city relocate the meter away from the curb so others do not make this mistake and become a victim of a $100 rip-off. We left and did not shop in this unfriendly-to-visitors environment.

George Hill


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