Parking is the answer |

Parking is the answer

Dear Editor:I would like to compliment you on your article on parking (Aspen Times, March 14). As a past resident of Aspen for 26 years, now living in Santa Barbara, Calif., I would like to suggest the city planners look at what Santa Barbara did to help its visitors enjoy their visit.They put up hidden parking garages (some four stories high), seven-plus of them, so people could go to a space and park, and walk to enjoy the town, not circle, circle and circle some more, looking for a place to park. Limiting a space for the car will never stop the car. (So why not go four down?)I lived in Aspen when Michael Kinsley and all tried to stop the car with roads (no four lanes into town) and you can see where that ended!Get the people out of the car as quickly as possible, as you’ll never get the car out of Aspen. Aspen will be saving its place as a quiet, beautiful, small town in the mountains (if it acts now).Drew HunterSanta Barbara, Calif.

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