Parents must take responsibility |

Parents must take responsibility

After reading the apology issued by Eagle County in response to the death of a boy at the Mount Sopris Tree Farm, I feel compelled to write.

As an adult, I have skated at the tree farm many times when I lived in the Roaring Fork Valley. NEVER one time in all the times I was there did I see an adult supervising the boys that came to skate. NEVER once did I see a parent get out of the car when they dropped their kids off or picked them up.

RARELY did I see a parent who was on the cell phone when they did drop their child off or pick their child up bother to even interrupt their conversation to say goodbye or hello to their child. I could tell by just looking at the whole wooden structure and listening to the sounds it made as the kids jumped and skated on it, that it was NOT stable.

My question is this: At what point in time does a parent become suddenly NOT responsible for the safety of their own child? Why would any parent just drop their child off at a place to play without supervision or check to see that what they are playing on is safe?

Ultimately, it is every parent’s responsibility to keep their child safe. It is time for everyone to start being responsible for their own actions. No one forced any of these parents to drop their kids off at this facility – or to leave them there without supervision.

Michelle Phelps

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