Pardon me |

Pardon me

Dear Editor:

I owe you an apology for stepping between your cameras at the Maroon Bells last Tuesday without asking if it would be OK. But I was very careful not to touch your tripods or to move in front of your lenses, so I was very surprised when you said something derogative, especially when none of you were by your viewfinders or had a remote control in your hands.

Last I checked, the Maroon Bells was a public place and anyone can stand wherever they chose! I am sorry that you thought that because I stepped up to take a picture between your cameras that I was a bloody tourist. Being here 10 years does make you an idiot! There is always someone who has been here longer than you, and it does not make you owner of the Maroon Bells. It was obvious that I was not setting up shop like you all and was moving on after I got a shot without you all in it. You do not own the land, and I was in a spot where no one was standing.

Maybe next time, we could be a little bit more considerate and tolerant to each other and learn how to communicate better, or perhaps you should go back to where you came from. Unless raised here, there is always someone here longer than you and “you” are the tourist!

It was a beautiful day, and I am sad you did not let others enjoy the perspective you had, without you in it, for a second or two!

Scott Lance