Paraphrasing Deepak Chopra |

Paraphrasing Deepak Chopra

Our ecology is the metabolic manifestation of information, knowledge and wisdom we experience through genetic evolution. Our mind projects itself out the body through sound, touch, taste, smell and sight. These senses literally shape the texture, the rhythm, the form of our mind – an amplification of the self-collective, homeostatic image we want to be.

Each and every cell in our body expresses our intimate relationship with our biological experience, the inner and outer world, that makes us one with all. I am experiencing a spontaneous transcendence of inner bliss, unattached to anything but the sheer joy of the state of being in this moment.

Standing here on this precious Earth that sustains all life, my being is wrapped in the rapture of the heavenly crystal blue vibrant atmosphere. The shining golden radiant sun warms my soul to the core of my connection with spirit.

I am in adoration of and blessed by your presence. Isn’t life wonderful? Thank you for being here with me.

Hinton Harrison


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