Parallel universe |

Parallel universe

Steve Benson and Allyn Harvey

Ten inches of new at Highlands Thursday morning?

Not exactly.

By late afternoon Wednesday, there was already a foot in Highland Bowl G-Zones, and it was still dumping hard with plenty more to come.

When the Bowl opened Thursday afternoon, the conditions, according to one source, were “like Alta ” bottomless, light and dry.”

Apparently, there was more like 2 to 3 feet than 10 inches, but it’s better to underreport than exaggerate. Plus, as we all know, the Bowl exists in a parallel universe.

This past storm concluded a big week of snows for all four resorts.

Snowmass, Highlands, and Ajax all received about 27 inches in the past seven days. Buttermilk picked up 19.

As if you weren’t already feeling good about how deep your snowboard is running under the surface, check this out: Vail’s Web site is boasting 9 inches in the last 24 hours and just 16 in the past week. By that standard, which is as good as any for measuring the conditions, the snow is better at Buttermilk.

Buttermilk might have just a fraction of the terrain that Vail has, but it’s kind of nice to think that Vail, which really is just another crowded Interstate resort, has only a fraction of Buttermilk’s powder.

The skiing, everywhere, even in Vail, is as good as it’s been all season, and more snow may be on the way.

The National Weather Service is calling for sporadic snow showers throughout the day today, with a potentially larger storm hitting the area Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

But, more new snow or not, with light crowds and a deep, soft base, you can’t go wrong no matter where you decide to ski.