Parade fender bender explained |

Parade fender bender explained

Dear Editor:Someone told me that the parade announcers said that they did not know anything about the red 1936 Model A Roadster that had an accident during the parade in front of the Jerome Hotel, so I will set the record straight.The owner of the Model A Roadster, Susan O’Neal, loans her vintage cars to the Aspen Square Hotel for July and January parades.Although the Model A Roadster was initially situated towards the front of the parade, parade organizers allowed many other entries to “cut in,” so that by the time the Model A Roadster was moving, it had been idling in the hot sun for almost an hour. The result was that the Model A overheated, the brakes did not work, and the car rammed the car in front. Aspen’s finest (the police) came to the rescue and pushed the car around the corner into a (legal) parking space.Owners of classic cars request that in the future, parade organizers be more sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of vintage cars by placing these gems towards the front of the parades, so that the cars do not have to wait in line for an extended period of time, which causes them to overheat and lose control, possibly damaging them.Susan O’NealAspen

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