Palestine could use the ambulance |

Palestine could use the ambulance

It is interesting to read about the appeal for funds to purchase an ambulance and medicines to aid innocent Israeli victims. The appeal for money on humanitarian grounds is always effective.

Perhaps a more honest presentation of this initiative would have been to state support for Israel against the Palestinian uprising. Logic suggests that any funds so provided directly or indirectly end up to that end.

The success or failure of force versus diplomacy and accommodation to solve the tragic Middle East problem is an ongoing debate, and its outcome may not be known for generations.

We do know one thing. The ratio of dead and wounded (the kill ratio, in Vietnam-speak) vastly favors Israel perhaps by three to one. The true humanitarian gesture “to defeat evil by acts of goodness and kindness” by the Jewish community in this valley would then be to sponsor the purchase of ambulances (and their right of way) for innocent Palestinians who are likely to be in greater need.

Stefan Edlis


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