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Pain Per Capita

Dear Editor:

I am reading a new book entitled “Ultimatum” by Matthew Glass, and the author talks about Pain Per Capita regarding reducing emissions worldwide. This idea of Pain Per Capita, it seems to me, is the stumbling block in our efforts to bring about health reform.

Many of us in the U.S. are lucky to have been able to access, almost immediately, the help we need for our ills. This is not the case in the U.K. and Canada as examples where people have to wait interminably for help unless the need is acute (e.g. heart attack). If we bring about a health reform which is equitable to all, some will achieve a better situation, and some will not. Some of us will have to give up our excellent situations and make do with the overall health provided. Are we willing to accept Pain Per Capita? I wonder?

Ann Mitchell


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