Paepcke play presumptuous |

Paepcke play presumptuous

Dear Editor:I think it very presumptuous for our City Council members to presume to speak for the late Paepckes. (Torre stated that “Mrs. Paepcke wouldn’t want other sites developed?”) And it is narrow minded to ignore a creative opportunity for public good. (Rachel objected to “creating value.”)We elect officials to make judgments on current facts and needs, not to conjure the assumed preferences of the deceased. The current need is to salvage our history, and the TDR program was a brilliant contribution to that objective. Authenticity is a key to a successful resort community, and we should be using all sensible methods to keep our authenticity through historic preservation. The Paepckes certainly supported such efforts as demonstrated by their actions, not their construed opinions.As for creating value, if we lose our historical character we will all lose value – is that what Rachel prefers?A very bad decision by these council members, ignoring both staff and the Planning and Zoning commission! Shame on them.James DeFranciaAspen

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