Pace’s questionable background |

Pace’s questionable background

Dear Editor:

I see by your editorial of Sept. 28 that you are urging your readers to support Salvador Pace for the 3rd Congressional District, which includes Pitkin County. What a mistake! You criticize our present congressman, Scott Tipton, for voting 93.2 percent of the time along party lines.

It is my understanding that candidate Pace voted along his party line 100 percent of the time when he was in the state Legislature in 2011.

In your editorial, you did mention our Republican Rep. Tipton’s big push for his small-hydropower-development bill, which he helped push through the House, but that it has been stalled by the obstructionist Democrats in the Senate.

In your editorial, all you mentioned was what Pace was opposed to but not one word of what he was for. I have read his platform, and I believe very few would want to vote for such an extremely far-left position that he espouses.

And then you go on to say, “We like Pace’s background.” Well, I looked up Pace’s background, and guess what I found from my computer search.

According to http://www.colorado, and more recently reported in the Grand Junction Sentinel, this is what I learned:

• On Aug. 15, 2003, your Pace was arrested for a second charge of public urination on or near 700 E. Colfax Ave., which I believe is near the Colorado Capitol. And on Aug. 29, 2003, a failure-to-appear warrant was ordered.

• On Oct. 5, 1995, Pace was charged with burglary in the third degree and larceny.

• On April 20, 1996, Pace was arrested for obscene conduct, which Pace has confirmed was for public urination.

I can only conclude that the Times had better reconsider its support for the Democratic candidate for Congress and support rancher and U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton as the intelligent choice for congressman from Colorado’s 3rd District.

Bob Johnson


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