Paas plan perfect |

Paas plan perfect

(This letter was originally addressed to the Aspen City Council.)Dear Editor:You have a unique opportunity to demonstrate your support of local business, business diversity, and to support the very people who have supported Aspen for decades.I support the Paas redevelopment proposal, and I hope you will join me by approving this project in its entirety.• It’s about Aspen locals reinvesting in Aspen. The Paas family has a track record and past performance that indicates to me their dedication to enhancing the Aspen experience for a tourist demographic not targeted by the recent redevelopment projects.The Paas family has targeted more of middle-class America. Few properties in Aspen are willing to gamble on anything but the “top end.” They deserve our support because they “walk their talk.” While others talk about serving this important segment, the Paas family does it! This diversity is critically important to us as a community. Four generations of Paases have worked and continue to work in this family business. They have earned the respect and support of the community and they deserve it. I can only imagine the number of times they must have considered selling out to some mega-national company, but elected to stick it out here instead. Some folks have loads of rhetoric; others put their money and financial future where their mouth is. The Paas family is committed! Support this because independent business is the backbone of Aspen. This is what makes us different and unique. Many City Councils have given preferential treatment to local business, and the fruits of those decisions are seen in the very fabric of this wonderful community.Please approve this project in its entirety. The Paases were straightforward about the needs of the project. They elected to not ask for more than necessary, just so they would have something to give away to get approval. This is the right project and the right people.J. Thomas ClarkBasalt

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