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Overhauling elections

Dear Editor:If you missed the Fourth of July fireworks in Aspen, you will probably get a chance to see a second set of fireworks when Aspen’s new mayor and City Council hold a work session on changing several provisions of the charter regarding elections and conduction of elections which city of Aspen voters will be able to vote on in November 2007.The work session is today, Tuesday, July 10, at 5 p.m. There will be four points for Council to discuss:1. When should the general municipal election be held … May or June?2. Should the mayor serve two years or four years?3. What are the “qualifications” for a person who is nominated and elected to city council or mayor’s office? Should the city continue to follow its own charter based on the state’s election law and constitutional requirements, or should the city develop its own requirements for what “qualifications or proof of qualifications should be”?4. Instant run-off voting … should Aspen pursue this?This work session should be of special interest to the three persons, Ron Erickson, James De Francia and Andrew Kole, who filed unsubstantiated “challenges” to my residency based on stories written by Aspen Times reporter Carolyn Sackariason. Carolyn’s only disclosed source willing to testify is Lauren Walkiewicz, the former caretaker of a Woody Creek ranch, who insists I lived on the ranch for a whole month, therefore, in Lauren’s opinion, making me ineligible to run for City Council.I, for one, would like to see some changes, clarification and provisions made for enforcement of current legislation. Anyone else want changes? If you do, Mayor Mick Ireland, Councilmen JE DeVilbiss, Jack Johnson, Duane Romero and Steve Skadron will be drafting new legislation under the legal guidance of City Attorney John Worcestor for the November ballot at Tuesday’s 5 p.m. work session.Toni KronbergAspen