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Overdose suspected in 26-year-old’s death at Aspen hotel

Staff report

A 26-year-old Santa Monica, Calif., man found dead New Year’s Eve at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen may have died of a drug overdose, police said Wednesday.

Jonathan Irons was found by Aspen police officers in a room at the Hotel Jerome just before 9 p.m. with no pulse and not breathing, according to an Aspen police news release. Another man in the room was “awake but in an altered state of consciousness, also in distress,” the release states.

After a “witness in the room” told officers the unresponsive man may have suffered a drug overdose, officers administered an anti-overdose medication called Narcan, according to the release. It was not clear if the conscious man also received a dose of the drug.

Both men were taken to Aspen Valley Hospital where Irons was pronounced dead at 10:25 p.m. Monday.

Officers found drug paraphernalia in the room, including hypodermic needles and spoons, said Aspen police Detective Ritchie Zah. They also found a brown substance and an unknown crystalline white powder, he said.

The brown substance “looked like it was heroin,” Zah said.

Both substances were sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for testing, he said.