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Overbearing police

The Aspen police went too far – again – when they entered Linda Ukraine’s house. They are making criminals out of our kids, for just being kids and in this case, young men.

Somebody with media connections should bring the story to a national level and we might see a version of the event on “Saturday Night Live”!

In a small town like ours we should feel sympathy, care and protection from our police, but in Aspen, the police go the extra mile to turn us and our kids into criminals.

Most of the time, what they call “criminal acts” are actually legal in other states and most of the rest of the world, where marijuana is legal and the drinking age is 18.

How much did the bust on Cemetery Lane cost the taxpayers between the seven officers and their cars, the jail staff and reports, the court system, the D.A., the judge etc.? Tens of thousands of dollars.

A good cop, a good man would have talked to the kids on the scooters and made sure they were home safe, but in Aspen, the kids do not talk to the cops, because they scare the hell out of them.

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Only in Aspen, the police monopolize all their forces to bust three young men smoking a joint in the privacy of their own home.

Aline Cohen

Woody Creek