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Over-regulating hippycrits

Dear Editor:

To all of you reading this letter, enough is enough! We can no longer sit around and allow these enviro-statists to dictate where and how we spend our time in the backcountry. We all know that they have all come out of the woods since the new administration has taken office. And we all know what the agenda is.

If this group had their way we would all return to simpler times where we walked everywhere barefoot and sat in our huts at night by candlelight. Maybe instead of impeding on our happiness in the woods you should find an empty island to start your own utopian Marxist micro-nation where songbirds chirp and lollipops dance!

I attended the Hidden (Agenda) Gems presentation last week, where I had the pleasure of listening to the lobbyist Sloan Shoemaker. I was baffled that this guy was able to spew out more lies than a used-car salesman! Sloan mentioned that only 4 miles of OHV trail will be closed. What he failed to mention was that those trails were marked and mapped by the Forest Service. He wasn’t mentioning the trails that were on BLM land and unmarked, which will be a countless number of miles.

I know I did 24 miles in one of the proposed areas just before the meeting! Sloan was very careful with his choice of words when off-road vehicles and oil drilling came up. Shoemaker encouraged us to set up meetings with him to see if we could come to an agreement. What agreement would we possibly come up with since your enviro-statist agenda states that you do not want gas-powered vehicles on the land? I can’t be too harsh, though, because he did give us a very generous list on how we could get into the woods.

Basically you walk, ride a horse, or take a wheelchair. Well, I can walk anywhere. I don’t ride a horse. So I guess the guys and I will start a new hibbie, downhill wheel-chairing! A question for Mr. Shoemaker that I failed to mention at the meeting was whether he rode a horse or a wheelchair from Carbondale (Greendale to the un-bathed hairy woodsmen or woodswomen) to Redstone. Or did he drive a fossil fuel-burning vehicle just like all the other “Greeny Hippycrits.” Yes, I meant to spell hypocrite wrong.

Wake up, America! Every day these people are trying to regulate what you can and can’t do in your life. The time is now to get involved and shut these people down. We all love this area just as much as they do and would never want to destroy the designated areas graciously given to us. All they simply had to do was grandfather in the current trail system still allowing off-road vehicles in the areas proposed and make the rest Wilderness area. It’s that simple. Unless you’re dealing with anti-big oil, anti-free market, pro equal everything.

Brandon Toomey


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