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Outrage and disbelief

Dear Editor:

“Where’s the outrage over Lift One project?” asks rancher and historian Tony Vagneur in his Aspen Times column of Jan. 3.

The outrage is in disbelief that the Lift 1A COWOP Task Force would actually recommend a land- use application bigger in size, with less affordable housing, no transportation plan in place and more environmentally unfriendly than the land-use application City Council has already denied.

What’s worse, instead of 60 cars per day on Aspen Street, it’s now 1,200 cars/trucks per day.

The Lift 1A Task Force recommenda tion reminds me of the time when my granddaddy shrieked when he saw his favorite horse, Gus, stuck in the gate.

My granddaddy yelled, “Gus, what are you thinking? You are a 4-foot-wide horse trying to get through a 3-foot-wide gate!

“Unless you lose some weight Gus, it just ain’t gonna work. You are just too big to get through the gate.”

Want to learn more about the project? Check out the city of Aspen’s website ” http://www.aspen/pitkin.com ” or look for the card table with a petition to support yes or no.

Toni Kronberg


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