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Outlining official duties

Dear Editor:My name is Marian Clayton; I am a candidate for the Garfield County clerk and recorder, and have a mission and a vision to update the clerk’s office. This is my third letter in a series explaining the components of the office and how I plan to update the department.Chief Election Official:The county clerk and recorder is the chief election official of the county. The clerk must consult with the Secretary of State and follow their rules and regulations when rendering decisions and interpretations under the election code. As the election official, the clerk works very closely candidates, municipalities, special districts, and those who have ballot questions.Under the new “Help America Vote Act” the state mandated that counties be in compliance with electronic voting machines for 2006 elections. By 2008, we are to have all polling places adequately equipped with electronic voting machines. This is a direct response to the mishaps of voting that occurred in the presidential election of 2000 in Florida.My goal is to have vote centers by 2008 where a voter can cast their vote electronically anywhere in the county and it is recorded in our office immediately. This is an added convenience for the voters, prevents fraud, and provides accurate speedy election results.For those voters who are hesitant to use electronic voting, paper ballots are available, however you must request an absentee ballot for the 2006 election.A vote for Marian Clayton is a vote for confidence in change. Marian Clayton for clerk.Marian ClaytonNew Castle

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