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Outlaw whiners

Dear Editor:I cannot believe what a part (hopefully minority) of this community has become: self-centered NIMBY cry babies! “The noise from the ballfields is too loud …”, “the bike trail is too wide …”, “The snowmaking is too loud …”, and on and on! And now, “the lights at the kids’ ball fields are too bright!” You freaking idiots voted for all of this stuff for crying out loud – all in the name of the kids! And now all you can do is bitch about it.OK, I agree with you – let’s turn the snowmaking off and ski on the rocks; plow the bike paths up and reclaim them; send the kids down Highway 82 to play under the lights downvalley, and for the kids that don’t want to make the trip, we can leave the bars open all night and lower the drinking age to 12 so they have something other than athletics to do after school!Remember, if you outlaw school athletics, only (your) outlaws will play school athletics!Steve MaroltAspen

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