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Joel StoningtonAspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN Many outdoorgasms last for two or three minutes of euphoria after an incredible ski run or long hike. The ski day Saturday, however, incapacitated a friend to the extent that speaking was difficult for Woofer on the entire ride up Deep Temerity at the end of the day. He mumbled things like “epic” and laughed every now and then. I would be able to report more fully on his condition, but I was in a similar state. We probably would have stayed sane if we had quit with a run on G-5 early in the day, but we had to follow it up with a quick shot down Steep and Deep. It was untracked, and blowover had created deep powder conditions. We didn’t stop until we were well down into the runout, and then there was no discussion about another Bowl lap. At the bottom of the second run on Steep and Deep we saw a friend, Dave, doing giant GS turns down newly opened Filip’s Leap. He got to the bottom glowing, and so we had to rally for a fourth lap.Standing at the top of Filip’s Leap, I had a little trouble getting my binding on, but I heard the other two guys discussing the possibility of making it to the bottom in time for a fifth lap. It was 2:15 p.m. I clipped into my teles and looked down to where Dave and Woofer were already straight-lining the runout. I jumped in, hit the fastest Bowl run I’ve ever taken, and made the fourth chair behind them. At the top of Deep Temerity, it was 2:25 p.m., and the ski patrol let me be the last person up the Bowl before closing it. The afterglow of those last few runs lasted through the cheese plate we housed when we got home, and well after the hot tub, dinner and late-night sweat lodge by the river. In fact, I’m still enjoying it today.

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