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Outdoor pet perils

Dear Editor: To the “Dumster” that lives in the 500 building, Cowenhoven Ct. Centennial:On Wednesday, July 5, I came home to the following note on my door: “Keep your mean, troublemaking cat on your side of street, otherwise I’m taking the damn thing for a ride downvalley to a dumster.”I rescued my cat from the Aspen Animal hospital seven and a half years ago. He was already an outdoor cat. I almost lost him four years back. He was asleep on our porch when a dog attacked him. He survived that battle with a dislocated sternum and four broken ribs. That was a $200 visit to the vet. We were lucky. There was nothing I could do about that attack. The point is, there is a risk in having an outdoor pet, whether a cat or a dog. I willingly take that risk.Centennial is a dense area with a lot of cats. I have heard many catfights this summer – most of which occurred while my cat was asleep on the couch. I’ve talked to many of my neighbors with and without cats who like or even love my cat. No, he is not perfect. He is an animal and they are unpredictable. Whatever he is or isn’t, it is inappropriate to threaten his life.May I suggest to my neighbor that they do some homework about cat behavior. Maybe check out a book or talk to your vet. In the meantime, know that I will do everything in my power to protect my pet.Margaret DurneyAspen

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