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Outcome could’ve been avoided

Dear Editor:I’ve known Joe DiSalvo as a helpful, caring and respectful person for more than 15 years. It hurts to see anything negative written about such a good guy and wonderful sheriff’s officer. Joe has always approached his position in this community with dedication and a willingness to help those of us in need. He has helped save lives, been shot at and has dealt with countless problems that have involved thousands of our friends and neighbors. It would be hard to find any public servant in this valley with a better record of service and dedication. Joe has a wonderful sense of humor, and I’m sure that a misunderstanding led to the incident at Jimmy’s. I have for many years put a $20 bill on the floor to see the reaction of friends and family members upon discovering their good fortune. This is an old gag that my father played on me for years. After talking to several people who were at Jimmy’s that night, I believe it was Joe’s intent to get his friend, Tim Cottrell, with the look-I-found-money-on-the-floor gag. Up to this point, anyone can see a harmless prank, at worst. So what went wrong? The two women who were looking on the floor for their earrings totally misunderstood Joe’s reason for putting the money there. Instead of asking if it was intended for them or why he did it, they went back to their table, where they proceeded to tell their friend that some guy threw money at them and made an insulting comment. Fact: Not only was no comment made to the women, they misinterpreted the prank that was meant for Tim. In no way was Joe trying to hurt or demean the women, whom he had never met. Instead of walking over to Joe and simply asking him what his intent was, Tom rushed at Joe and his wife in a threatening and accusatory manner.Seated in a corner, with their backs against a window, Joe was confronted by an irate stranger who was inches from his face. Had Tom attempted to find out why the money had been thrown on the floor, rather than lose his temper and rush a stranger and his wife, this outcome could have been avoided. So let’s blame this whole scenario on my father’s gag and move on.Chuck BesantyAspenAspen

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