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Out of touch

Dear Editor:Just a word about Monte Chitty’s disapproving letter on the Obermeyer project last week.To me, he couldn’t have been more right on. I pass by at least once a day, and it seems to become more disgusting each day. I suppose next we should run a gondola between there and the [former] Ritz-Carlton project at the bottom of the mountain.In the flurry of all this ugliness, why don’t they at least hoist up an American flag or perhaps a Christmas tree or both on top of the crane to pass on some form of compromise like you see everywhere else at massive construction sites, or perhaps they’re searching for a nicely lighted-up dollar sign?Who wanted this thing in the first place – the same proportion of voters the city thought wanted to move the visitors center? That certainly was a much less significant undertaking, however, another perfect example of the voters’ and the city’s out-of-touchness.Don DixonAspen