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Out of bounds

Dear Editor:I very much appreciate the thoughtful letters of Mary Janss and Dr. Joel Brence (Aspen Times, Oct. 19) regarding Archbishop Charles Chaput’s admonitions to Catholics about their votes for candidates in the upcoming presidential election. They both voiced most of my concerns. I would only add a little about each of the three involved.First, George Bush has never spoken a word about seeking legislation to overturn Roe versus Wade, as pointed out by John Kerry in the third debate. He talks the talk but does not intend to walk the walk.Second, John Kerry declares that, as a practicing Catholic in the presidency, he will, like John Kennedy, hold to these beliefs in his life but not bring them into the political realm.Third, Archbishop Chaput is acting within his ecclesiastical position in speaking out against abortion and the like, but is definitely out of bounds in entering politics with these issues and attempting to shape the outcome of a democratic election.Mary Jean GleasonAspen

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