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Oust the Salazar brothers

Dear Editor:

I wonder what part of our Constitution, Sen. Ken Salazar, and other Republicans in drag, will defile next. By denouncing MoveOn’s ad on General Betray-Us, Salazar (and the other 20 Democratic senators) show their disregard for our (anybody’s) First Amendment right of free speech.

At least Mr. Salazar is consistent with his neo-fascist world view, with his support of the Military Commissions Act (stripping of habeas) and warrantless wiretapping.

As with brother John (Salazar) in the House, the “bros” have shown that they stand for the powers behind war, namely: the military industrial complex, big oil, and the Israeli lobby, and not with “We the People”.

I can’t wait to vote against these Bush enablers, and send them back to their San Luis potato farm.

Ben Newell