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Our weak president

Dear Editor:”I’m not a member of any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” – Will RogersI just want to commend my party for everything they have done the past two years to confirm that this quote from 75 years ago is actually an irrefutable law of nature.It has been amazing to watch them allow the debate about reform/replacement of the hated insurance industry, which almost everyone supported, to be framed as “health care reform,” with government interference between patients and their trusted doctors. Even though independent analysis showed that a single -payer system was the most cost-effective. Even though they were elected in historic fashion with large majorities in both houses of Congress. Clearly Obama has lacked the testicular fortitude to lead, and now we are left with a requirement for all Americans to buy insurance but no limits on what insurance companies can charge for coverage.I guess we are left buying a zero deductible, catastrophic policy from Smith & Wesson. On the bright side we will be able to conduct our death panels in the privacy of our own homes without government interference. But at least they should have lobbied to provide every American with a bag of Secanol and a bottle of Jack for catastrophic coverage. That might be better than the proverbial “wet cleanup on aisle three.”Also, has anyone heard of a quaint old law that predates our nation and provides the foundation for the rule of law called habeas corpus? How long is it OK to keep people in prison without charges? Then there is this matter of squaring “all people are created equal” with passing laws that single out certain groups for discrimination solely because of their sexual orientation.Did I mention a seeming lack of presidential testicular (don’t want to call them balls out of respect for my Christmas ornaments) fortitude?Tom BoronskiAspen Village

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