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Our slip-and-fall leadership

Dear Editor:

Too often the poor decisions of a community official actually harm innocent community members and the official backs away from the problem without any consequences whatsoever. Well, it seems that ineptitude by such so-called leaders can backfire on its perpetrators.

For a couple years now the ability of the board of directors of the Pine Ridge Townhomes in Basalt to properly manage the complex has been in question. For weeks on end this winter that board watched extremely icy conditions to persist on its pedestrian walkway and main street and took no effective precautions to make those hazardous icy areas safe. And then someone got injured. Except this time it was the spouse of one of those directors responsible for managing those icy conditions who, unfortunately, slipped and fell on the ice.

Then, to accentuate the irony of the “dreaded ice incident,” as it has been referred to at Pine Ridge, the director, whose spouse fell, had the audacity to ask the Pine Ridge Townhome owners to pay the related medical costs. Obviously that director did not wish to accept responsibility for allowing the safety of others to be put at risk, and instead, wanted a bail-out. Can you imagine that!

There are just too many industry and community leaders in charge now who haven’t the character to accept the consequences of their own poor choices. The attitude of this country has changed for the worse, and it is time to do an about-face and go back to those proud principles like honesty, bravery, working hard to do a good job, and doing what is right and fair that were so admired in decades past.

Michael-Maurice O’Link


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