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Our king wears no clothes

Concerning Jay Pate’s right-wing nutcase letter, let me first say that I hate labels. Even frothing-at-the-mouth-breathing Rush Limbaugh doo-doo heads should strive for civility, no matter how much the commie anti-American liberals enrage their small minds.

To answer Mr. Pate’s letter, one must start at its finale. Many believe that King George the W was selected, not elected, and this is why unpatriotic liberals call him king. We’ll never accept him as our leader and we won’t “get over it.”

The U.S. Supreme Court had no business meddling in the jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court and it’s well documented that Bush supporters at the highest level of Florida government rigged the election by purging the names of legitimate (black) registered voters on trumped-up technicalities and false allegations. Third World elections aren’t as corrupt.

Mr. Pate’s inference that the anti-King George crowd believes Bush’s support “derives from the fabulously rich or the patently stupid” does injustice to all the fabulously rich and patently stupid people that don’t support our president’s imperialistic conquest of the world’s most important strategic natural resource.

I realize Mr. Pate may construe this as “over the top polemicization,” however, given that the most beneficial result of this war is the strengthening of Halliburton’s bottom line there can be no other explanation.

Iraq’s “imminent threat” to the United States consisted of an army that went home as soon as the shooting started and several dented barrels full of Roundup. Links to al Qaida were tenuous, aluminum tubes were dubious and nuclear weapons are nonexistent.

The 16 words that were cited as false in the State of the Union address were just the tip of the iceberg when combined with the other false and misleading statements that were uttered during the preparation of the American people for war.

Mr. Pate asserts that Bush was technically correct because he “attributed it (16 words) to British Intelligence.” Telling a lie that I knew was a lie and blaming it on the kid next door would likely net a grounding from my mom rather than the “aw shucks, what a kidder” response the American public has graced Top Gun Bush with.

This hair-splitting of the truth undermines America’s worldwide credibility and the credibility of anyone who uses it to defend a lie that has resulted in the deaths of thousands. Whatever costume our speech-reader-in-chief comes dressed in, our king wears no clothes.

The sad truth is that all of the questions being asked now were answered before the war and the American public didn’t care. The facts are damned to wallow in the true liberal press (not The New York Times) to be scoffed at until such time as history is revised from the way things are presented now, and the way things truly are.

In the meantime, our troops die every day for Halliburton’s no-bid government contracts and the lies of King George the W. I shudder to think that we impeached our last president for fibbing about infidelity.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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