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Our hats are dirty

We cannot afford an occupation in Iraq. It is time to call a spade a spade and admit what everyone who was not blinded by politics, bunting, a love of Israel, the return of some evangelistic Jesus, or just sheer mean nasty guile and greed, knew and said before we invaded.

The war was a mistake. Iraq was no threat. And now it is supposed to be a horrible quagmire from which we, the U.S.A. (the aggressors who invaded), cannot retreat.

This is balderdash. We should retreat, leave Iraq, place the blame on Bush and the neocons, apologize to the world, and bring our troops and our money home.

We should first fix our country before we worry about the Middle East – our roads, our bridges, our health care and our soon-to-be-bankrupt universities. How many young Americans could we educate free? The funds we are wasting in Iraq and Afghanistan and on aid to Israel could pay for the education of every college student in the country and senior drug benefits as well.

We should admit that we, the U.S.A., are, and have been, a selfish nation for decades, if not centuries, and insure that we have an oil supply by whatever dictator necessary, while seeking to limit our dependence on fossil fuels.

We cannot reform the world anymore than England could, and the idea of the white man’s burden is fraught with Kiplingesque mendacity and fraud.

For years we have supported the bad guys all over the planet to achieve our ends, but we have always lied to ourselves, proclaiming that we were the nation of the white hats. Well, our hats are dirty and we need to cease this fiction.

If we had not invaded Iraq, we would have been much safer, the price of oil would be lower, and we would not now be concerned with the increasing turmoil in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Our current difficulties are directly the result of the “Lies and Deceits” which came from the mouth of our president. And while we are leaving Iraq, we should impeach him and throw his whole batch of bums out.

J. Heininger


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