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Other side of the story

Dear Editor:As waiters at The Red Onion, we feel as if we need to respond to a letter published by Mr. Howard Lee in Saturday’s Aspen Times.Mr. Lee feels he was asked to leave the Red Onion because he was not drinking alcohol. A few issues need to be clarified.Mr. Lee was sitting at the table an hour and a half prior to game time (Super Bowl Sunday). He was not planning on ordering food until we told him the back dining tables were reserved for dining. He remained at the table for over three hours.When the restaurant was completely full and it became a apparent that we needed to turn the table for new diners, a member of our staff approached Mr. Lee, offered to pay for his dinner, and watch the game in the bar area.At this point, Mr. Lee got very angry and stormed out of the restaurant. We picked up his $6.75 tab.We reply not out of malice but to defend an establishment that we are all proud to work for. We think people should know the other side of the story.Robert Coover and staffThe Red OnionAspen