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Ostentation on Ute Avenue

Dear Editor:

In case our city councilmen may not have journeyed down Ute Avenue lately I would suggest they do so to view the mother of all monstrous developments across from the Gant. It could well be called the “Development From Hell.”

This all started a couple of years ago as machines started pushing mine tailings around the hill above the Gant tennis courts. Activity kept increasing at crescendo rate for a year or so until the hillside became an ant hill of backup beeping behemoths moving dirt from here in attempt to level off the hillside. All of this was at the expense of those living anywhere close to the activity, constant roaring, beeping and dust flying everywhere. Now, two years or so later, a couple of enormous edifices are taking shape amid the mountains of dirt, overflowing their hillside lots and further compounding the construction mayhem.

That a development of this impact was approved by a previous council is a mystery to many of us but a lesson to be learned for the future. If wealthy folks are of a mind to create statements to their egos and status let them at least do so off the beaten track and not on the heads of us lesser folks and our peace and sanity. The council should say “no” to any suggestions of similar ill-conceived projects.

Everett Peirce


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