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Osama gets the last laugh

Dear Editor:

George W. Bush was right about one thing: They do hate us for our freedoms. So Osama bin Laden and his friends in al-Qaida hatched some plans to get George and many others in our government to trash the Bill of Rights. Not that most Americans would miss them because they don’t know what they are. Most Americans can’t tell you what the three branches of government are, let alone know that the Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure.

So every day thousands of Americans are searched just because they want to go for an airplane ride. Millions have been searched, sometimes physically, sometimes even “cavity” searched. Nothing could be a more obvious breach of our constitutional rights. Predictably, not one airplane bomber has been discovered in all this illegal searching.

What it seems no one has stopped to ask is what would have happened if the “shoe bomber” and the “underwear bomber” had successfully destroyed their airplanes. Well, we wouldn’t have known that such “bombs” existed. They would have been destroyed in the explosion and the crash. These so-called bombs were actually never intended to explode. Just look like it.

What Osama and his buddies knew is that they could easily manipulate a nation of cowards who have always thought they were protected from any harm by their ocean coasts and friendly borders. This is just all so easy. Next time your shampoo bottle gets thrown out, or you have a stranger’s hand up your crotch, just remember that Osama is laughing his ass off. Heard any clicks on your phone lately?

Patrick Hunter


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