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Orphans in Aspen

Of the more than 3 billion people who celebrate Christmas around the world, several thousand enjoy the holiday in Aspen. Christmas is a time for coming together with friends and family to rejoice. For locals unable to spend the holiday at home or with family this year, a soiree in the east end of town provided them with a setting to spend the evening among new friends.

Dubbed the “Orphans in Aspen” party, Kristi “K2” Kavanaugh maintained the tradition for yet another year. Via word-of-mouth and the Internet, news of the get-together was spread a week before it took place.

“It’s kind of like a modern-day Oliver Twist party,” said K2 in reference to her annual celebration. “Since everyone can’t get away because of work or for whatever reason, it’s fun to celebrate the holiday with our family of friends.”

Hosts K2 and Jay Maytia provided the music, hot apple pie shots, eggnog and dinner. Guests brought friends, Christmas cookies and culinary contributions for the buffet. In addition to the requisite Christmas tree, stockings and mistletoe, the house also featured an oversized, inflatable Grinch on the porch.

“This is my second time attending the orphan party,” said guest Miguele Lavker. “My family is dispersed around Philadelphia, Chicago and L.A., so it’s great to be able to come here and be with friends on Christmas night. It would be really great if I could get my family to come out here next year for the holidays and bring them with me to the party.”

Another guest who preferred to remain anonymous agreed with Lavker, noting, “I never really see my family over Christmas because they’re scattered around the East Coast. I’m really appreciative of my family of friends I’ve formed out here, and I can’t think of a better group to be with for the holiday.”

A regular at the annual event for several years has been Jason Brown. Born on Dec. 25, 1975, Christmas Day has always been special for Brown. Sporting a Santa hat, Brown brought his girlfriend, Jamie Lynn Miller, with him to the party this year. “This is definitely my favorite day of the year,” he proclaimed.

To contact May to send info, insight or invites, e-mail: allthewaymaymay@hotmail.com

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