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Ordering less mail

To: Editor

From: Karen Signell, Basalt

Re: Too many catalogs

This time of year when I open my mailbox, I find that catalogs have been proliferating like rabbits again. I confess that I love to flip through mail order catalogs and order tantalizing gadgets. But by now more and more mail order catalogs are coming until the tonnage is daunting. And each time I toss a sight-unseen catalog into the compost box, I cringe with “green” guilt at what a waste of trees and energy!

But Andy Rooney came to my rescue the other evening on TV. He tipped me off to CatalogChoice.org, where people can zap catalogs and banish them ” or their offspring ” from ever coming again. I’ve tried the website, and it’s quite a friendly one. It takes only a few seconds to select a catalog, and what’s more, using the website is free ” no strings attached.

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