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Orchids and onions

When I was in school we had a column called “Orchids & Onions,” which I’m reviving for this letter.Orchids to the many people that stopped to help when my mother fell on the first Saturday in August in front of the Crystal Palace theater. A special thanks to Pat and Dewayne, who took us to the emergency room. Mother needed three stitches in her lip.Orchids to the city of Aspen for all the beautiful flowers downtown.Orchids to RFTA. Great service, wonderful personnel.Orchids to Lightning Limo. Great folks, great service.Onions to the taxi service. They have been downright mean to my mother and me. Bad attitude.Also, onions to the people who are trying to run Jeep and Mo out of town. I’ve been coming to Aspen for 10 years and have always enjoyed Jeep. It’s obvious he loves his dog. The children enjoy him. He’s part of what makes Aspen.Annette MelassLake Jackson, Texas

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