Orange neon, anyone? |

Orange neon, anyone?

Dear Editor:

Why the city decided to mark our quaint streets with corner signage delineating “Motorcycle Parking Only” is confusing to me. The only thing missing is the ORANGE NEON that would ensure it could be read at night.

I didn’t know we had money to burn. And, if we do, is this is the best we can come up with?

I am reminded of the quote “the number of possible options is only limited by your imagination.” Maybe the city needs to hire a Director of Imagination?

Currently, the Commercial Core and Lodging Commission is asking for money to put on family entertainment in the mall. Personally, I’d rather support a mime than a motorcycle. If you just think about noise pollution, the mime wins hands down.

And what about the poor scooter? I am sure the city means motorcycles and scooters, but the signage does not say it.

Finally, we work to preserve our small-town quality by putting developers through a meat-grinder over and over, but when it comes to spray-painting graffiti on our corners to mark off motorcycle zones, we think nothing of it – or should I say, we don’t think at all.

Come on city leaders, let’s think before we paint in the future!

Andrew Kole