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Oppression backed by our tax dollars

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to a letter from Judy S. Kava regarding the current situation in Israel/Palestine. She has been misled by the propaganda of the Israeli establishment, attributing all acts of oppression against the Palestinians to the need for “security.” In fact, most of the activities of the IDF and the Israeli state against the Palestinians are aimed at further unjust and illegal land seizures and at avoiding the natural consequences of this oppression.

Please note that I said “the Israeli establishment,” not “the Israelis.” Thanks to principled and courageous individual Israelis, Palestinians and their international supporters (and to the Internet), there is ever-stronger internal and external opposition to official Israeli policies, and the truth about conditions in the occupied territories is getting out.

Twenty-one human rights advocates from South Africa visited the occupied territories recently. The editor-in-chief of the Sunday Times of South Africa, Mondli Makhanya, spoke for them all: “When you observe from afar you know that things are bad, but you do not know how bad. Nothing can prepare you for the evil we have seen here. In a certain sense, it is worse, worse, worse than everything we endured. The level of the apartheid, the racism and the brutality are worse than the worst period of apartheid.”

We all grieve at oppression anywhere in the world, but this oppression is being backed by our tax dollars and the military might of our country. As Rabbi Abraham Herschel, founder of Rabbis for Peace, put it, “In a democracy, some are guilty, but all are responsible.” Those of your readers who wish to act responsibly can start to inform themselves and to take action via these websites: The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (www.icahd.org/eng); Jewish Voice for Peace (www.jewishvoicefor peace.org); and J Street (www.jstreet.org).

Mary J. Wilson


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