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Oppressed now the oppressors

A quote from an authority on the Middle East: “The Jews, whom we have pledged to introduce into Palestine and who take it for granted that the local population will be cleared out to suit their convenience.”

The quote is from Winston Churchill, the date is 1919. In 2002, the condition is the same, with the United States replacing Great Britain as the enforcer.

Where do we think that the plenitude of tanks, helicopters, F-16s, and munitions come from, Jehovah? Or the money to plant and expand West Bank settlements?

Our bounty of dollars goes 10 to 1 to Israel over the Palestinians in Palestine or in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. We entertain Sharon as an honored guest when the man has been convicted by his own government of being responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and who previously had been commander of the controversial assassination group, Unit 101.

The Jews in eastern Europe suffered grievously from pogroms before World War I and were almost wiped out in western Europe before and during World War II. They desperately needed a change in their condition.

But giving them someone else’s homeland. And displacing 3 1/2 million people from that homeland to replace it with a western culture foreign to the Arabic culture of the Middle East. That’s fair? That’s smart?

During the past half century, the Jews, the oppressed, have become the oppressors. And the United States has become identified with the oppressors. That is going to lead to big trouble down the road.

Hollering, “Terrorist!” does not cut it. Almost every government, including our own, has terrorist incidents in their history.

And what other means do these dispossessed have to make their point? The Palestinians continuously have protested the Balfour Declaration, the usurpation of their land, verbally to no avail, for eight decades.

OK, fire away.

Col. Cary Thompson, USAF (Ret.)

Panama City, Fla.

Aspen visitor

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