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Opportunity out of chaos

Dear Editor:

The recent upheaval that resulted from the Aspen-area Susan G. Komen Foundation chapter standing by its beliefs in the face of national pressure should be seen as a significant opportunity. It is when individuals hold to their positions in the face of pressure that society experiences healthy growth.

Look at the results of the actions of Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Jesus. The best any individual can do is to adhere to his or her beliefs. Granted there are some social guidelines to adhere to: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” works well. For many the Ten Commandments create a valuable set of rules.

I hope that anybody who is aware of what has occurred locally will profit by it as an example of the value of standing by your beliefs and the valuable outcome that can result from doing so. All challenges are opportunities! Ten percent of life is what happens – 90 percent of life is what you do with what happens.

John McCormick



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