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Opportunities abound at AVH

We are experiencing a time of change at Aspen Valley Hospital. As a nurse who has worked at AVH for 17 years, I have seen several change cycles here and know that in addition to the customary uncertainty change can bring, it also fosters great opportunities.

During Randy Middlebrook’s administration, cardiac rehabilitation reached its current potential with two expansions and a threefold increase in patient census. His support was key to the success of this program. During the past four years we have added pulmonary rehabilitation and our new diabetes prevention program in response to the increasing numbers of patients at risk for diabetes.

AVH has encouraged innovation and initiative, promoted professional growth and rewarded outstanding customer service in its employees. I have had the privilege, like many employees, to grow professionally through the opportunities provided here.

I feel positive that we will continue to move forward to best meet the health-care needs of our community. Regardless of physical location, remodel or new footprint, this community should feel confident that we will continue to provide the same extraordinary nursing care that we have always provided.

I am proud to be part of a progressive and compassionate health-care facility.

Melody Durham, RN

cardiac rehab director

nurse educator

Aspen Valley Hospital