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‘Opinionated blowhard’

Dear Editor:Among our many extraordinary freedoms as Americans are the rights to free speech and freedom of the press. While both are preciously important to sustaining our democracy, I, for one, have always believed that our guarded protection of free speech should inspire and elevate the quality and enlightenment of our indispensable free press, which causes me to ask why you would publish such ignorant dribble as Ted Rall’s July 20 column, “Boycott the U.S. military,” (or any of his writings for that matter). From the vantage point of almost any barstool in this valley, you can hear more informed and thoughtful opinions (from even the most imbibed of patrons) than Rall’s nonsensical blather about boycotting our military until we are attacked or that we, the United States, have not fought an honorable war in six decades.Give us radical left or radical right, but please make it smart, informed, fact-based and provocative. Rall doesn’t speak for a generation or a political movement. He’s an opinionated blowhard who has no grasp of history, politics, or domestic or foreign policy.My complaint is not based on a right-versus-left perspective, but rather begs the question: Can’t you do better? Can’t your paper help better inform us than a closing-time stop by a local tavern for the conversation of someone whose thoughts are more forgivingly incoherent?Charlie LeonardBasalt

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