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Opinion belongs somewhere else

Dear Editor:The editorial regarding the issue of a proposed pool above Hallam Lake (Aspen Times, Feb. 24) was an unfortunate, ineffective tirade.The Aspen Times editorial page has an obligation to voice opinions on issues that are critical to our community. However, when these opinions degenerate into personal attacks as they did in this case, this important mission is diluted.The editorial pointed out that this proposed project would be a blemish on an undisturbed view from ACES. I respect the opinion made, but the view from ACES was disturbed long before this – see Red Mountain.The point was made that those who live on Hallam Lake have an obligation for the greater good of ACES. The Times should hold itself to the same higher standard, for the good of our community. The final jab stated that this “… tacky show of wealth belongs in West Palm Beach, or the Hamptons …” The same could be said for this editorial. It belongs somewhere else.Cecil HernandezAspen