Open your eyes " behold the Rockies |

Open your eyes " behold the Rockies

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Assidon Gardner’s (oops, is that spelled correctly? Perhaps not …) letter of recent vintage, entitled “So much for the Rockies” (Oct. 13).

Mr. Gardner, I would encourage you, and your overachieving, head-spun Boulderite offspring, to open your eyes as wide as possible and to let the air (and the light, ever the blinding light) rush in.

Seeing is believing Gardner, and tonight my eyes saw what many would have, until very recently, considered a far-flung miracle. The Rockies of Colorado, that moribund group of hay-shucking never-weres, beat the Arizona Snakes and won their 20th straight game in a row. Now they sit on the razor’s bleeding edge of owning the National League and earning a few tickets to the biggest show ” the World Series, a shocking condition that even the team itself must admit was a slow-riding, eighth-grade wet dream until the alarm went off and the sensation remained.

Your letter was a sad display of leftist desperation. First, as generations of chew-lipping Americans know, there is no room for buggery in baseball. “Good things happen in the dark” T-shirts are a crude attempt by some Cubs fans to sabotage a perfectly good parade, not to mention a way of life (depending on your affiliation), in a disgusting, opaque effort to legitimize their own shortcomings, which are now a century long and widely reported.

And finally, I can think of no organization that I would rather have on my side when the battle is pitched and loaded with obstacles than the Marines of the United States of America. Hurdle was correct in his conjuring of Marine ethos in his rally cry to his young and cocky ballplayers. No one ignores bone-freezing, muscle-shredding cold and rain better than the U.S. Marines.

Semper Fire, golf fan … The lights are on, and someone’s home in the old cowtown tonight …

C. Madison Anderson


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