Open the O’Connor decision to the public |

Open the O’Connor decision to the public

Dear Editor:

I am like many others in the valley greatly concerned over the fate of Chief of Police Roderick O’Connor.

After a divorce and while raising three children alone, commuting from Rifle daily and with no money, I found myself stressed and depressed. I was hired by Roderick at one of the lowest times of my life. He was not only by far the best boss I ever encountered but the most positive person I had ever met. As time went on, he became my mentor, teaching me valuable life learning lessons such as stress management, trust and conflict resolution for employees. Roderick never gave up on me, and I became a more positive boss and a better human being because of him. I am honored to call him my friend.

The Aspen Times called him popular in its editorial on Friday. I dare to say he is well loved, admired and respected in this valley. I agree with The Aspen Times that we should open this complaint to the public.

This matter needs to be brought to the public and decided properly. It should be closely looked at by the townspeople. After all, are they not the people he serves? They certainly deserve to hear the truth and not just idle speculation!

Questions are many. Is this an act of a few who might not like Roderick’s teachings? Has he been able to answer any of the allegations against himself? Have you looked into the backgrounds of the accusers and what benefit they derive from his absence? Let Roderick speak!

There is one thing that I am sure of: If you lose this caring, upbeat, positive, hardworking and dedicated man, it will be a loss not only for Basalt but also for the entire Roaring Fork Valley.

Julie Rogan

Snowmass Village