Open our hearts |

Open our hearts

Dear Editor:Where is the love? When did it become OK to leave scathing phone messages instead of having direct conversations? When did brandishing a gun in traffic become an acceptable form of signaling? When did Halloween become a battle over parking in the CMC lot? When did it become fashionable to vent our frustrations on our innocent friends, peers and co-workers?Maybe I’ve just had a bad week, but according to my community, Aspen is becoming less and less of a community. We have allowed the stress of our jobs, families, money issues, boredom, whatever, to cloud our judgment when dealing with other people.Somehow we’ve accepted that screams, threats, weapons, road rage, put-downs and general abuse are all valid forms of communication. There is so much rage, so much discontent, so much anger needlessly created by folks who’ve forgotten to open their eyes and see the magnificent beauty that surrounds them every day.Why is it that when there is a natural disaster we all band together and rally much-needed support, but as soon as our check or donated items are in the mail we go back to feuding with our neighbors?It’s time for the adults of this world to start acting like adults. It’s time for us all to take responsibility for what we have created in our lives and to quit laying blame on other people. It’s time to start talking to each other instead of shouting. It’s time to really listen to one another. It’s time to stop threatening each other with weapons when we don’t get our way. It’s time to realize that our way isn’t always the best way. It’s time to stop expecting a fight. It’s time to open our hearts and our minds and be respectful, loving and caring to each other and ourselves.We don’t have to wait for the next natural or man-made disaster to strike. We can start right now.Melanie DoskocilAspen

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