Only one Aspen |

Only one Aspen

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Don Dixon, I agree with your letter, “Emulating Vail?” (Aspen Times, April 15), as long as dog owners clean up after their dogs.

Mr. Dixon’s insight goes beyond the veil.

I hope Aspen Policeman “Chip” Seamans would like to know his old Los Angeles police beat, North Hollywood, is slowly but surely pulling itself together to become more vital and interesting.

In North Hollywood, I have attended the most splendid St. David’s Episcopal Church, 11605 Magnolia Blvd., which joined the American Anglican Council. What a marvelous Episcopal parish! Aspen Episcopalians, who think like me, have a spiritual home away from home at St. David’s Episcopal Church while in Southern California.

North Hollywood is becoming more appealing to such a degree I met a real beauty named Michelle Yanagisawa there. Ain’t life amazing?

Yes, Mr. Dixon, fakes are everywhere, but there is only one Aspen, don’t you agree? I return to beauty that is real as you have done.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.