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Only in Aspen

Dear Editor:

Congratulations, Chief Ryerson. As a parent of children in Aspen schools, I commend you for doing your job and enforcing federal and state drug laws and federal immigration laws. I have seen the lives of Aspen children ruined by illegal drugs, easy to obtain here. The criticisms in the press are petty.

1) You were in your office commanding the overall operation. General Eisenhower was in his command post in England during D-Day; his assistants were on the Normandy beaches.

2) Police had guns visible ” the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in this country is significant.

3) The sheriff was not involved ” I think most locals know why. There was no need to write traffic tickets for HOV violations or speeding at Cooper Street and Little Annie’s.

You will probably be forced to resign. I was here when the suspected drug lord was blown up in his car. I guess that is what some local politicians want and most letter writers demand ” total open drug area with no visible enforcement.

Parents with children considering a move to Aspen should reconsider. The school district has tried to upgrade the atmosphere and academics, particularly drug use, but will probably be soon undermined by the Aspen City Council, Pitkin County commissioners and Pitco law enforcement agencies.

My comparison with Eisenhower will probably be ridiculed by scope of action, but it was an example of the military police directive of “chain of command.” Someone must be at a headquarters to direct all operations and coordinate. Chief Ryerson followed proper protocol. He probably will pay for it with his job. Only in Aspen.

D.L. Briscoe


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