One-sided debate |

One-sided debate

In answer to John Waldron’s letter published in last week’s edition of the Sun, I am a member of the Enclave Board of Directors.

In addition, I was appointed by the board and the members of the Enclave Homeowners Association to represent their interests in connection with the new Base Village development and related projects, as well as other matters that effect the Enclave and its owners.

When my letters are signed on behalf of the Enclave Homeowners Association, I am speaking on behalf of the board and the members of the association. When no such designation is made, I am speaking only on my own behalf.

I hope this clarifies any question Mr. Waldron may have regarding my authority to speak on behalf of the Enclave board, owners and the homeowners association.

By the way, Mr. Waldron opens his letter in the Sun by stating, “It has been with great interest that (he has) read the lively debate in the Snowmass Village Sun between (me) and the mall owners.” I would not classify my letters as a lively debate.

To my knowledge, the mall owners have not responded to my letters of concern for the future of the mall nor have they indicated to the community what, if any, plans they have for the redevelopment of the mall and its integration into a revitalized commercial core made up of the new Base Village, Snowmass Center, Conoco property and the mall.

On numerous occasions the mall owners have been requested by the Town Council and others to join the planning process sooner rather than later. The mall owners, however, seem content to sit back and second-guess the planning being done by all of the other interested parties.

Are the lawyers and consultants occupying the mall owners’ time and interest rather than the creative planners? We sincerely hope that their strategic planning does not include an attempt to derail the Base Village development, which is crucial to the economic viability and sustainability of this community.

We eagerly encourage a lively debate with the mall owners and others in this community. I can’t believe that there are not many other full- and part-time residents and guests who have strong feelings concerning redevelopment of the mall and all of the other commercial core projects. Let’s hear from all of you regarding your creative ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Also, in last week’s edition of the Sun, Editor Madeleine Osberger, in her opinion column, appears to be holding Councilman Arnie Mordkin to a lesser ethical and representative standard than that to which she holds the other members of the Town Council.

In her column several weeks ago, she stated, “We expect (our) elected officials to be impervious to outside influences, keep special interests at bay and, first and foremost, remember the common good when casting their votes.”

In last week’s column she justifies Councilman Mordkin’s recent questionable actions as merely “representing his constituency ? the mall landlords and store owners.” What happened to her thoughtful position of just a couple of weeks ago? What happened to her concern regarding outside influences, special interests and the common good?

We don’t question Councilman Mordkin’s right to ask relevant questions regarding the Skico RFP bidding process or the placement of the new Sam’s Knob/Burlingame lift. What we do object to is his berating the applicant and making factually incorrect accusations as well as using his public office and apparent conflict of interest and personal bias to benefit himself and his own special constituency.

By the way, who said it was the role of each member of the Town Council to represent his own special constituency? We thought each councilperson was elected on a townwide basis to represent the interests of the entire community, not just the interests of those people or organizations that put them in office.

Ms. Osberger’s words a couple of weeks ago are essential to fair and unbiased representation.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Enclave Homeowners Association

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