One-sided arguments are propaganda |

One-sided arguments are propaganda

Dear Editor:

Mary Wilson’s letter to the editor (Aug. 7) for some reason didn’t mention almost-daily incidents involving Palestinians ” rock-throwing at cars and buses, Molotov cocktails, shooting attacks, attempts at terrorist attacks, etc.

Extreme-proganda leftists are strangely silent after two (not one) bulldozer attacks, having nothing to say about the yeshiva massacre, the shooting death of a security guard, the attack on an electrician by two Palestinians or any other incident. Similarly, they have nothing to say about continued mortar attacks, Kassam attacks and sniping at Israeli farmers near the Gaza border. This is basically what makes everything extremist leftists say less than credible, why they have lost all support by objective and informed people and why their words carry so little weight.

Mary Wilson and others of the extremist view see only Israel as wrong. It is always a one-sided argument. In part, this is based on holding Israel to impossibly high standards, while holding Palestinians to no standards at all. As if anyone in Israel’s circumstances would do better.

I don’t deny that there are abuses ” given circumstances, it would be unrealistic to expect none. But why totally ignore Palestinian actions? Why paint the Jews as evil, demonizing Israel to the whole world? Has anyone ever seen a conflict, especially in what is often called “asymmetric warfare,” which goes to such great lengths as the IDF to prevent abuses?

Israel is in a war. Has there ever been a “nice” war?

All of this self-righteous moralizing and biased condemnation is hypocritical, to say the least. Totally one-sided arguments, such as some of the recent letters, can rightfully be classified as propaganda.

Jerome Marks


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